What is Made By Sport?

Made By Sport is a four year campaign championing the power of sport to change lives and raising vital funds for organisations that are using sport to transform the lives of young people in the UK. The campaign is delivered in collaboration the Sport For Development Coalition, a movement made up of over 60 charitable organisations and funders with a reach in to thousands of schools, communities, clubs and organisations.

Why sport matters

Sport has the power to change lives.

Confidence, discipline, teamwork, resilience, leadership - sport teaches skills that make a difference at school, at work and in life. Sport is so much more than medals, fitness and personal best….


Sport is shown to drive better engagement in class, to reduce absenteeism and to improve results.


Sport can be the catalyst to increased employability through skills such as discipline, team work and communication.


Sport has a proven correlation to goal setting, motivation and commitment amongst participants.

Crime Reduction

Sport can be an intervention that can enhance self esteem, instil values and reduce anti-social behaviour and re-offending.

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In sport, you learn how to get the best out of a group of people in a team, and how you can work together.’

Bruce, 16

The challenge faced by community sport

4.1 million young people in the UK now live in poverty. Funding for youth services has dropped by 40% over the last 4 years and young people from disadvantaged communities are half likely to participate in sport as those from affluent backgrounds.

There are inspiring charities, organisations, schools and clubs operating in communities across the UK who are using the power of sport to improve lives but, while the challenges they face are growing, the resources they have to work with are under increasing pressure.

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‘You learn how to communicate better, work as a team, control your temper and to be more confident in the world.

Nyala, 17

Made By Sport’s ambition

Made By Sport is a four year campaign, delivered in collaboration with the Sport For Development Coalition, that is championing the power of sport to change lives and raise vital funds that will be targeted at maximising the impact that sport can have on the lives of young people from disadvantaged communities across the UK.

The campaign, Chaired by Justin King CBE and supported by figures from inside and outside sport, is shining a light on the impact sport can have on communities across the UK while working with a range partners, united by a shared belief in sport, to raise £40m in funding.

If you share our vision for sport, find out how you can get involved.